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Tony Yeboah Coming Home – November 14

It isn’t often that a player impacts a club with such force that he is remembered as a ‘crowd favourite’ and one whose name is nectar on the lips of football fans a generation later. It’s even more rare when the player in question only spent two seasons at a club. However, one of those players, revered and almost worshipped by Leeds United fans is the great Tony Yeboah. Even now, a generation later, Tony Yeboah is still fondly remembered by Leeds United fans who witnessed his power and majesty whilst wearing the colours of Leeds United.

As already announced, Tony Yeboah, firm Elland Road favourite, is returning to the club on Saturday November 14 2015, brought to you by MJK Sports Events for a one-night ‘Evening with…’ at the Centenary Pavillion, Elland Road.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of one of the most spectacular goals that English football has ever seen, that thunderbolt strike against Liverpool, the man himself answered questions put to him about his impending return to Elland Road in what promises to be a night to remember for all Leeds United fans.

How does it feel to be coming back to Leeds in November?
I cannot wait. I am looking forward to seeing the fans again and reliving some happy memories.

What feelings do you get when you think about your time at Leeds United?
I enjoyed my time at Leeds United. Whenever I think about the club it is mainly about the fans. The fans are the best and have supported the club through thick and thin. Some of my old teammates feel the same.

The fans cannot wait to see you and tickets for the event are selling very quickly. Does this surprise you?
Yes it does. I am very happy about that and the feeling is mutual.

If you meet a Leeds fan – what is the first thing they ask you?
They always mention the goal v Liverpool first and then they mention the goal v Wimbledon.

How did the transfer come about from Frankfurt?
My agent was put in contact with Bill Fotherby. Bill then did the deal with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Tell us about the first time you met Howard Wilkinson?
I was happy when I met Howard for the first time as he believed I was the man to get the goals for Leeds United.

Did you worry about adapting to English Football or did you know you would be a success?
At first it was completely different but after a few games I felt confident that I would adapt quickly.

Goals – you were not only a great goalscorer but a scorer of great goals when did you realize you could hit the ball so hard ?
It is natural for me from a young age to hit the ball hard. Also when I was young I practised for hours and hours. Sometimes I even practised extra when I was a professional.

The goal v Liverpool is one of the most iconic goals ever scored in England what do you remember about it?
I remember Rod Wallace heading the ball down and I was in the right place to shoot.
I just saw it coming down and then I saw it go past the keeper. David James could not do anything. I cannot believe it is 20 years ago, the years have passed so quickly.

The goal(s) against Wimbledon – what do you remember about those?
The goal v Wimbledon won goal of the season and I still have that trophy but the Liverpool goal is my favourite.

Scoring against Manchester United in the Christmas time win – how intense a fixture is that?
It meant a lot to me as I know how much it means to the Leeds United fans. Leeds are a great club.

Do you remember your hat-trick v Monaco?
Yes I remember it clearly. I remember every goal I scored for Leeds United.

Everyone in the world knows your name because of the goals you scored how does that make you feel?
It makes me feel good. All goals are special I was just fortunate to score one or two that are classed as great goals but I still scored some tap in’s. I feel privileged to have been a footballer.

How would you describe what it was like to play at Leeds United?
As I have mentioned it was a fantastic time for me. It was a unique atmosphere at Elland Road and I cannot say enough about the fans at Leeds United. All ex-players who I know say the same.

League cup final defeat.
A horrible day. We did not play well at all. We were all disappointed, mainly for the fans who had travelled down to London.

What was the best thing about playing for Leeds United?
I have to say the fans because it is true. They were brilliant and still are. One day they will be back where they belong and hopefully that will be after this season.

Yorkshire puddings – were they the secret to your success? We hear MJK Sports Events have insisted on them being on the menu for the November 14 event.
I just liked to eat Yorkshire puddings and I am happy we will be having some more in November.

Do you have a message to the Leeds United supporters?
I am just looking forward to seeing you all again in November.

Honest words and sentiment from a man who, for two brief seasons, set Elland Road ablaze not only as a great goal scorer but also as a scorer of great goals. As was mentioned in the questions, tickets are selling quick for what promises to be an amazing evening when a living legend at Leeds United steps foot again into the arms of a club that loves him and will welcome him as one of their own.

Remember, tickets for this one-off, spectacular event, organised by MJK Sports Events, can be bought from the following link and all tickets include an exquisite four-course meal including, of course, Tony Yeboah’s favourite Yorkshire Puddings.

Make a note of the date in your diary, Saturday November 14, 2015 – Tony Yeboah is coming home.